What's the connection between vitamins and appetite?

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This is somewhat of a debatable question because some people say that vitamins may increase the appetite, others say that they have no effect on appetite. I don't know of any controlled studies or research on this topic to help answer the question. Nevertheless, a mineral called Zinc does seem to increase the appetite of some. The B vitamins also may help to increase the appetite;however, as stated there is a group of people that disagree with these claims.

In general, vitamins play a huge role in the functioning of your body. All vitamins in sufficient quantities are needed for normal functions like nerve conduction, muscular contractions, and many,many more functions. Vitamin deficiencies are responsible for a multitude of problems. For example, the pregnant female needs increased amounts of folate and B vitamins. Deficiency states of these in the pregnant female have a direct correlation to many birth defects. Some of these birth defects are quite severe.Neural tube defects is a good example.

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