The vapor pressure of water is 30.0 torr at 29 degrees Celsius. If a reaction at that temperature produces oxygen which is collected over water, if the total pressure of the vessel is 595 torr, what is the pressure of just the oxygen?

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In a closed system of a particular volume with mixture of gases, each gas inside exerts a partial pressure which is also its pressure when it is alone in the same container.  

The sum of the partial pressures of the gases inside the system is the total pressure. It can be summarized as:

`p_(t otal) = p_(gas A) + p_(gas B) + p_(gas C) + ... + p_(n)`

For the problem above, 

`p_(t otal) = p_(O_2) + p_(H_2O)`


`p_(t otal) = 595 t o rr `

`p_(H_2O) = 30.0 t o rr `

`p_(O_2) = 595 - 30.0 ` = 565 torr 

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