What are some LCD applications?

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LCD is an acronym for "liquid crystal display." As the name denotes the principle application for LCDs is displays. The LCD screen has become the technology of choice for most electronic display applications. A few examples where LCDs are used are: LCD televisions, computer monitors, LCD projectors, ipods, cell phones, printer and copier display screens, cameras, etc.

LCD screens may be monochromatic, or full color displays. Sizes range from very small (1 sq in) to very large, as in the case of LCD televisions. An LCD works by blocking or passing polarized light through each pixel. In color LCDs, an extra filter is required to block all but the visible color. One drawback to LCD technology is the need for a backlight, which limits battery lifetime. In coming years, LCD will have to compete with other low power display technologies, including LED, organic LED, and electronic ink. Electronic ink is used in products such as Amazon's Kindle, and organic LEDs displays have been employed in some car stereo displays.

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