Science Question about series circuit

You have three light bulbs with different resistor. The amount of current thorugh a bulb will affect how much light it emits.

Will the order in which you hook up the light bulbs in series affect the intensity of light that each emits?

Expert Answers

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NO. It will NOT change the intensity of lights.

The current is a series circuit is determined by the total resistance of the circuit,

I = V/R

Even if you change the order of the bulbs it will not change the total resistance, R of the circuit. Because the total resistance of  a series circuit is the sum of each individual resistances. Suppose you have 3 bulbs with resistances R1,R2 and R3 respectively. Then the total resistance will be,

R= R1+R2+R3

Even if you change the order, the sum will be the same. Therefore the current will not change. Since the current doesn't change the intensity of light in each bulb will not change.

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