Is it possible that in the 1950s, tincture of heroin was in some children's cough suppressents? If so, are there any known long term effects?

Interested in psychological effects.

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Heroin was invented around 1900 by the Bayer corporation as, believe it or not, a pain reliever, which I'm sure it did wonderfully, but with some horrible side effects.  They even used it to get people off of morphine at one point, not realizing that it was twice as addictive.

Heroin was made an illegal narcotic in 1924 (The Heroin Act), and I was not able to find any specific reference to Tincture of Heroin, although a Tincture of Opium was often the name given to Laudanum, a drug that preceded Heroin that is also illegal.  While the original heroin was marketed and sold as a cough suppressent for children (they even said it was non-addictive!), I can see no legal way, nor have I found any evidence that it was sold in any product as late as the 1950s.

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