Is it possible in any way to live without cells? Has anybody ever been caught alive without cells? How would your body look without cells? If you don't have cells, will your body still look the same?

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According to the cell theory, cells are the fundamental units of all living beings. In other words, we are all (including plants, animals, birds, etc.) made up of cells. A cell is the smallest functional unit of life. That is, cells are capable of carrying out life processes, such as growth, reproduction, etc. Without cells, there would be no living organisms. Cells contribute to all the processes in our body. For example, cells make tissues, which combine to form organs and a group of organs working together forms an organ system. An organ system, such as the circulatory system or digestive system, could not work without cells. 

Cells make up our skin, our blood, our organs, etc. Hence nobody can live without them. Without cells, we would look totally different as we would not be alive.

Hope this helps. 

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