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In this 2018 article, journalist and technology reporter for The New York Times Steve Lohr talks about the marvels of AI technology and how it can potentially influence and even change the way many industries work—"from agriculture to art."

Lohr explains how AI may affect medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the production, development, and testing of new drugs, or how it can make the whole process easier and faster. He then describes the use of AI in agriculture, especially in low-income countries. In this context, he mentions an AI assistant called "Nuru" (which translates to "light" in Swahili) that can help diagnose diseases in plants.

In addition, he also brings up the fear most developed countries have that the implementation of AI within certain industries might result with unemployment and lack of job opportunities.

Lohr proceeds to talk about the use of AI in the heavy equipment industry, focusing on the KONE elevator/escalator and the IBM's Watson software, which is used to track and improve performance of heavy machines. He also writes about the use of AI in insurance companies, focusing on the Ohio-based startup company Root Insurance, which uses AI to determine the price of car insurances.

Finally, he concludes the article by describing the use of AI in art and design. Today, artists can use modern AI software to create art and digitally or electronically design various projects.

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