If I were to pack stuff to go to Argentina in the December, what should I pack? 

I figure that I would pack shorts and short sleeve shirt due to the fact that Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere making the season be the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. So December in Argentina would be hot. Is this right?

Expert Answers

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Yes, you are absolutely right. Being in southern hemisphere, Argentina has different weather patterns than northern hemisphere. December is the summer month in that country. The average temperature may range from 68 degree Fahrenheit to 79 degree Fahrenheit (or 20 to 26 degrees Celsius). So packing shorts and short sleeves is a great idea. However, do not forget to pack at least one layer of winter clothes and umbrella. The summer months also receive an appreciable amount of rainfall.

You will need to check the weather for the specific locations you are planning to visit. For example, coastal regions will have more moderate weather, while the mountaintops are going to be colder. So packing summer clothes for plains, a warm layer and umbrella will cover you for hopefully all types of weather. 

Hope this helps. 

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