I need help writing a cell city analogy story.

Kind of like this... 

In a far away place called Grant City, the main production and export product is the steel
widget. Everyone in the town has something to do with steel widget making and the entire town is
designed to build and export widgets. The town hall has the instructions for widget making. Widgets
come in all shapes and sizes and any citizen of Grant can get the instructions and begin making their
own widgets. Widgets are generally produced in small shops around the city. These small shops can 
be built by the carpenter's union (whose headquarters are in town hall).
After the widgets are constructed, they are placed on special carts which can deliver the widget 
anywhere in the city. In order for a widget to be exported, the carts take the widget to the post office,
where the widgets are packaged and labeled for export. Sometimes widgets don't turn out right, and the 
"rejects" are sent to the scrap yard where they are broken down for parts or destroyed altogether. The 
town powers the widget shops and carts from a hydraulic dam that is in the city. Water is also drawn 
from the river and held in water towers to be used by the factories. The entire city is enclosed by a 
large wooden fence. Only the postal trucks (and citizens with proper passports) are allowed in and out 
of the city.

But I want to do like a school or a movie theater but have no idea how to.

Expert Answers

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Oh my goodness, you've got a story here already!  All you need to do is relate which cell part provides which function in terms of the city part and what it does.  For example, the town hall, which has the instructions for making the widgets, would be the nucleus of the cell, which houses the DNA, which contains all the instructions necessary for everything about the cell.  The "small shops" that build everything required by the city sound remarkably like ribosomes, the sites in cells responsible for protein construction.  The small carts the widgets are placed on for transport would be the vesicles that are pinched off the Golgi complex, which wraps and prepares substances for transport to other parts of the cell.  The "fence" around the city sounds like the cell membrane, which keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out, and is very selctive about what it lets in and out of the cell.  If you want to relate the story to a school or movie theater, simply adjust the setting to that locale, think of the various parts of the school/movie theater that would apply to each of those cell parts.

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