what are study tips for good grades in chemistry?

How can I get god grades in Chemistry.....please give good suggestion.

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If your textbook has a companion web site, I suggest you go there.  Usually there will be Power Points, additional resources, videos, sample quizzes and other useful study aids.  Also, if you don't understand something you should post the question on enotes.

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Three important good tips are: (1) talk to your instructor during their available hours very often about whatever is confusing you; (2) get a study buddy or two or join (or create) a study group; (3) despite the unpopularity of memorizing, memorize what needs to be memorized, like the periodic table of elements.


  • (1) Your instructor is there to help you sort out the material being taught if it is escaping you during class time.
  • (2) A study buddy who is having an easier time with chemistry than you are is a great benefit (better than someone who is struggling as much as you are). Your buddy can help you through joint brain power if nothing else (science shows that electromagnetic brain wave frequencies entrain to each other just like guitar strings entrain to one another). A study group can help several people at once (but has the potential to be ineffective).
  • (3) Memorizing what needs to be memorized will give the needed resources you need during test time and will insure that you better understand the concepts involved.

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