I need 12 points of who made the air balloon.

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"In 1766 in England, Henry Cavendish, a British scientist discovered hydrogen in 1766.  Hydrogen is an element and it is the lightest of all the gasses.  Hydrogen is even lighter than air.  Cavendish described Hydrogen as having a “negative weight.'”  Realizing this fact caused him to project that hydrogen might someday be used at some point to lift objects above the ground.  Then in 1782 Joseph Montgolfier was the first person to attempt to actually try the process of using Hydrogen.  He filled a silk bag with hot air and the bag began to rise to his ceiling.

Finally, in 1783, Joseph and his brother Jacques Etienne constructed a large round bag, attached a basket to it, heated the air and then put some animals inside the basket.  They later constructed an even larger one and November 21, 1783 brothers launched a 70-foot high balloon carrying Jean Francois Piltre de Rozier and the Marquis d’Artandes   in France.  They floated 3000 feet above the earth and Building on this achievement, in 1783, Jacques Charles and Noel Roberts flew in the first hydrogen filled balloon. 

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