Name one example of Biotechnology that has contributed to the health of humans or the health of the planet.

What micro-organisms or biological processes were isolated, studied, or controlled in order to develop that biotechnology?

What procedures might have been utilized to isolate such microorganisms

Expert Answers

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Several questions are being asked here, so I will answer the first one that asks about how biotechnology has improved the health of humans and/or the planet. Biotechnology is a huge category with many diverse applications. It can be loosely defined as the use of and manipulation of organisms to make useful products or to do practical things. Brewing beer is an example of a biotechnology that has been used for centuries. It's biotech because it makes use of yeast to perform the fermentation. Perhaps that isn't the "useful" application that the question is asking about, so let me use a different application but a similar process. The production of biodiesel fuel uses biotechnology. The biodiesels are helping to reduce humanity's carbon footprint. The creation of transgenic plants is a great use of biotechnology as well. Transgenic plants are designed to grow under specific environmental conditions that they normally wouldn't survive in. This allows people to produce food in areas that have historically not been able to be farmed.

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