Lead carbonate and lead iodide are insoluble. Which 2 soluble salts could be use in the preparation of each substance? Write a word equation,..


a symbol equation and an ionic equation to represent the reactions taking place.


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You could use lead nitrate or lead ethanoate. to make lead carbonate mix solutions of one of the above with any soluble carbonate e.g. sodium carbonate. For lead ethanoate use any other ethanoate salt or even vinegar (ethanoic acid solution).

Pb(NO3)2 +  Na2CO3 → PbCO3 +  2NaNO3

Ionically:    Pb2+(aq) +  CO32- (aq) →  PbCO3(s)

Use these examples for the rest of your problem. It is very fiddly to cut and paste from word.

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