How does the Biosphere interact with the Lithosphere?

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Biosphere is composed of all the living organisms, including, plants, animals, etc. Biosphere is one among the four spheres of Earth, the others being, atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. Lithosphere is the hard outer coating of the planet, the place where all the animals live and all the plants grow. Lithosphere is composed of rocks, soil and minerals. All the spheres are interconnected to each other. The components of biosphere, that is, animals, plants, etc. live on lithosphere and obtain their nutrients from this shell and carry out life processes on this sphere. When these animals and plants die, their bodies decompose and contribute to the lithosphere. The minerals and nutrients, thus released form a part of lithosphere. Thus, biosphere is dependent on lithosphere for survival and lithosphere is dependent on biosphere for renewal.

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All of the world's spheres interact. The lithosphere, which consists of the hard outer shell of the planet, and the biosphere, which contains all of Earth's living matter, rely heavily on each other. Animals, plants, and other living things get their nutrients from the soil (lithosphere). In turn, they return these nutrients to the lithosphere in the form of waste and decomposition.

Here are just a few examples of the ways that the biosphere and the lithosphere often interact.

Some plants, like legumes and clover, deposit nitrogen into the soil. This nitrogen can then be used by other plants or be eaten by animals that rely on that nitrogen as a basic part of their nutrition.

Roots from plants also hold soil in place. When vegetation is removed, erosion can occur. Eroded soil is deposited elsewhere, thus affecting the composition of the lithosphere in its new depositional environment.

When an animal or a plant dies, its body decomposes and is broken down by microbes that live in the soil. The elements from the organism are subsequently deposited in the ground.

Some plants and animals prefer to live on flat ground while others prefer sloping ground. Therefore the physical shape of the lithosphere in a given place can often determine the composition of the biosphere in a certain location.

There are many more types of interactions that the lithosphere and the biosphere can have. What you can see from the few examples above is that there are numerous ways in which they can affect each other.

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