How is biodiversity researched? In what ways is this research used for biodiversity conservation and management?

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Keeping detailed and accurate biodiversity inventories is one means in which biodiversity conservation is researched. Such an inventory is kept by Harvard within their Harvard Forest. Biodiversity inventories are kept because scientists need to be aware of the species that are present within an ecosystem before it can be determined how the species and ecosystem affect one another. Inventories of species diversity provide data that allows for future studies dealing with population dynamics, community ecology, and physiological ecology.  Accurate inventories of biodiversity are also advantageous in determining the impacts of climate changes on the distribution and interactions amongst species. Experimental manipulations and quantitative observations supplement biodiversity inventories in assessing the impacts of environmental changes on the survival of organisms such as plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria within an ecosystem.

Here is a list of current research that is being done on biodiversity conservation.

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