What would make your hair and nails all of a sudden start to grow rapidly? There has been no change in diet.

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One reason for sudden hair and nail growth could be due to an improvement in your overall health.  There are many vitamin deficiencies that can cause your hair and nails to grow slowly.  Sometimes these vitamin deficiencies are due to underlying medical conditions that may have resolved themselves. 

Some of the important vitamins for hair and nail health are vitamin C, vitamin E, and B-Complex vitamins.

One condition that can be difficult to pin down medically is thyroid disease.  This illness presents with many random symptoms that make detection a drawn out process.  Some of the symptoms of this are slow growing hair and nails.

Always keep in mind that your hair, nails, and skin are key indicators of overall health.  If you ever have concerns I would recommend that you see a medical professional.

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Hair and nails are extensions and accessory structures of the epidermis. If in fact you have had no change in diet a few other scenarios might be at work like overall health of your tissue. Obviously something has had to happen to experience this new growth. Have you had a change in your life for the better? New job? New house? These events can be stressful, but they are also exciting and invigorating.

In some way you have changed your circulation. You have some way increased the blood flow to these structures either by decreasing your daily stressors or started exercising or something. Whatever the cause , it is not a bad sign, a rather good one. 

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Hair and nail growth have long been linked to overall health.  When a person is moving out of an unhealthy state into a more healthy one, the first places to most noticeably respond are hair, skin and nails.  Often this change from "unhealthy" to "healthy" is a result of dietary changes, but taking diet off the table, hair and nails might begin a rapid growth in some of these circumstances as well (consider that many of them could be working together):

  • increased sleep - lack of sleep lowers immunity and a weak immune system is linked to unhealthy hair/nail growth
  • decreased stress - many people have more hair LOSS during times of great stress, indicating that hair folicles weaken with stress.  Stress reduction could be linked to increased circulation, better digestion, better (once again) overall health, which is all related back to increased hair/nail growth
  • pregnancy or delivery - many women experience a sense of "super health" during pregnancy while others experience the exact opposite.  Taking out the factor of prenatal vitamins (which definitely increase hair and nail growth rate and strength) this is more likely due to hormonal fluctuations

Understand also, that often even if there has been no change in diet, a number of other factors (including the three above) can affect how well the body is absorbing nutrients and ridding itself of waste.  Elementary as it sounds, this process is vital to health and well being as it affects circulation, which directly affects hair and nail growth.

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