Give the location and features of North America.

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North America is the third largest continent on Earth and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west side, the Arctic Ocean on the north side and the Atlantic Ocean on the east side. This continent is home to the United States, Canada, Mexico and a number of other smaller countries. This continent is situated in the Northern Hemisphere (north of the equator) and the western hemisphere, above the continent of South America. Almost all of this continent is situated on the same tectonic plate, the North American Plate. 

This continent is home to about 7.5% of the population of the world and covers about 16.5% of the world's land area. This region is rich in resources and diverse in geographical features. This continent is home to the Great Lakes and the San Andreas Fault. There are numerous rivers (including the Mississippi, Columbia, Colorado, etc.), mountains (including the Rocky Mountains, Cascade Range, etc.). The continent witnesses extremely cold weather in Alaska and parts of Canada, while very warm weather is observed in coastal cities, such as Los Angeles.

The continent is also home to some of the most famous universities (such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, McGill, etc.) and some of the best research facilities in the world. 

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