Could you please give a brief explanation about cloning?

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There are two types of cloning:

  1. Therapeutic
  2. Human
  • Therapeutic cloning is when cells are extracted from human embryo stem cells for the purposes of growing human tissue or organs for transplantation.  Most people are in favor of this type of cloning because it saves lives.  It is akin to donating an organ or blood, which is acceptable by nearly every ethical and religious organization.
  • Human cloning is done by the same process, expect the embryo is implanted in a womb so that a child is born.  This process poses ethical questions.  Human clones are basically like twins, but they can be born at different stages.  For example, if a son or daughter dies young (from an accident), parents may be able to clone the child again.
  • Human Cloning Scenario: I've heard of a scenario in which a father may clone himself, so that his son will be his latter born twin.  His wife may do the same.  What do you call the offspring?  Children?  Siblings?  Twins?  Also, the offspring may end up marrying each other, and since they do not share any blood relation, this marriage is quite legal.  What's more, the father may "fall" for his wife's twin when she matures, because she will look and act like his wife at the time when he first fell in love with and married her.  This gives new meaning to the Oedipal and Elektra complexes!
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Cloning is the creation of a genetically identical organism through non-traditional reproductive means. It involves creating an artificial twin based on the DNA of something that already exists (plant, animal or other organism).

There are several different types of cloning, and not all cloning leads to the reproduction of an identical twin of what is being cloned. The type that is most often argued about in the media and in the legislature is reproductive cloning (the most famous example was Dolly the cloned sheep). DNA from another sheep was used to create a cloned embryo which grew to be Dolly, a genetic replica of the original sheep. She lived a full life and had babies of her own, proving that cloning is possible. Cloning can also be used to create food products - a technology that is currently under development as a means of addressing world hunger and scarcity of resources.

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