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Find two sources on Alzheimer’s disease: one from an online search engine such as Google and one from EGCC's Library Research Database. Write a paragraph comparing the search results, touching on characteristics such as the number of search results, credibility, advertisements.

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It looks like you need a student ID and password to access EGCC's Library Research Database. So I'll give you an example of how you would go about doing this for Google, and then you can apply that to the second half of the assignment.

I started by just typing "Alzheimer's disease" into Google. Now, I'm looking at the first page of results. Many of them are from reputable sources. For example, there are links leading to pages from the National Institute of Aging, the Mayo Clinic, and the CDC. I decided to click on the CDC's link, because they felt like the most trustworthy source on the page. I felt this way because they're a government agency that's widely relied on for information about a variety of health-related issues.

Their link took me here:

The webpage covers what Alzheimer's Disease is, who has it, what's known about the disease, and how to assess whether someone has the disease. It also provides some beneficial information on how Alzheimer's disease is treated, how to support family members, and how the disease impacts the United States. There are no ads on the page.

Complete the same process by searching for Alzheimer's Disease information through EGCC's Library Research Database. Consider how the search results compare to the ones I described from Google. Do the links lead to more comprehensive research studies? Are there fewer ads on the landing pages? These are the types of considerations you should make. Good luck!

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