Explain how climate change is relevant to your life and why you should care about it. How can it effect you in your lifetime? 

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Climate change is relevant to everyones life.  For example, I live in the southern part of the United States, in Mississippi.  We have grown acclimated (pardon the pun) to the weather conditions in Mississippi, the heat in the summer, the partial cold in the winter.  If the climate were to radically shift from that, our lifestyles would have to adjust as well.  Take gardening, for example; our temperatures in the deep south are such we can just about garden the entire year.  That would not be the case if temperatures shifted to the negative end of the measuring scale.  Meat production in agriculture would have to change their production techniques, as most natural grasslands and pasture, would have shorter growing seasons.  During spring break, I took my family down to the gulf coast, to the beach.  I don't think it would be nearly as much fun to go to the beach If we had to wear heavy winter coats as opposed to the swimsuits we wear now.  Driving to work would shift radically; I know my northern compatriots are quite used to driving in ice and snow, but here in the south, we stay at home if we see a couple of snowflakes drift lazily from the sky!  Our methods of transportation would be drastically affected, were the climate to experience this kind of change.

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