Explain functional and structural classification of joints.  List types of joints, including characteristics, examples, location within the human body.

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There are two types of joints in the human body, synarthrodic and diarthrodic.  The first type has two bones connected to each other by a means of fibrous tissue and has limited movement, such as the bones in the vertebra of the sacrum of the spinal column.  The second type has two or more bones connected to each other with a gap inbetween them; they too, are connected with fibrous tissue, but also have a fluid to help lubricate the movement between them, called synaptic fluid.  Examples of these type of joints would be the hinge joints in the fingers and toes, ball-and-socket joints in the shoulders and hips, immovable joints in the individual vertebra of the spinal column, and gliding joints in the wrist and ankle bones.

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