Explain the fate of a protein that is synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum, but that is incorrectly folded.

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Each cell performs a specific task in order to produce a product that will be used for metabolism of the organisms. Most of the products produced are in the form of proteins which can acts as signal to other functioning mechanisms in the body. Having said that, each protein produced in the body have its folding mechanisms that is suitable to its function. However there are some instances where in proteins that are being produced can be misfolded or incorrectly folded. Incorrectly folded proteins can proceed to different actions since it cannot be accepted to the site where it is intended to be used and thus losing its function. Also, it can trigger cellular toxicity since it can be classified as a foreign material inside the cells.

For example, when a protein is required in order to form a certain immune response to protect the body against a disease; if that protein is being folded incorrectly and it continuously happens, that pathway of producing immune response can be inhibited thus can create a disease. 

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