Draw the structure of protonated aniline and its conjugate bass aniline.

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Please refer to the attached image for the structures of protonated aniline (on the left) and its conjugate base (on the right). Protonated aniline just means that it has one extra hydrogen atom compared to its deprotonated form.

Aniline—also called benzenamine, phenylamine, or aminobenzene—is a primary aromatic amine that consists of a benzene ring attached to an amino group. In its pure form, aniline is highly poisonous, oily, and colorless. However, it may also appear to have a red and brown tint when oxidized and resinified in air. It is liquid at room temperature.

In terms of its chemical properties, it is highly volatile. It can ignite easily and burn with large flames, giving off a burning aromatic taste and a rotten fish smell. Like many other phenols, aniline derivatives are especially reactive in electrophilic substitution reactions.

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