Do you think engineering meat is a path we should be going down? Why or why not?

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Whichever view you take on genetically engineered meat, your response to the question will be stronger if you show some familiarity with the arguments against your position. My own view is that it is a path we should be going down, but I will begin with a few points against that position. If you disagree with my overall view then you will, of course, be able to use these negative points in your substantive argument.

Genetic engineering involves the use of relatively new technology, with risks including unwanted side-effects and the cultivation of pathogens. The nutritional value of the meat is also likely to decrease in the short term. It may well prove impossible to replicate the exact taste and texture of high-quality meat. There is also a danger that, in the medium to long term, certain species will become endangered or extinct if there is no reason for farmers to breed them.

The advantages of genetically engineered meat include a vastly decreased environmental impact. Animal agriculture causes huge amounts of pollution, as well as being extremely inefficient, since a great deal of land, time, and money go towards producing food for livestock. Conventional meat production also involves a great deal of suffering for the animals, which have short, miserable lives. Engineered meat could be grown more quickly and efficiently, and could potentially be optimized for positive traits such as high vitamin content or low fat.

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