Do you know the guidelines in conducting thesis?

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That is an important question. Here is a brief outline of how to construct a thesis.

1. You need to be familiar with the body of text or material that you are writing on. This is an essential first step that many people fail to appreciate.

2. You need to come up with an argument. A good argument is something that you can defend. You should also think about how you can defend this argument, based on your research.

3. You need to also anticipate differences of thoughts that others may have. Somewhere in the paper you should address these objections.

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If you are trying to formulate a thesis for research or an experiment you can follow the steps listed after this. Since this is posted under science, I think you might mean hypothesis; in any case, the answers are similar since hypothesis and thesis have the same Latin root and similar functions.

Get a general idea of what you want to write about. Formulate the single most important point you want to prove through you research or experiment. Formulate this into a well written single sentence statement that your research can prove. A thesis statement should not be a question. Everything that you write in your report should go back to your thesis.

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