Discuss the importance of protecting the only habitable planet in the solar system.

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It is important to protect the earth because it is the only habitable planet in the solar system: if we manage to damage the biosphere of Earth to the point that it can no longer sustain human life, the death tolls and damages will be catastrophic and the human species as we know it may go extinct.

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With a question such as this one, it might be useful to differentiate between the two major locus points from which threats might emerge to life on Earth. First, there are threats from outside of Earth's biosphere (a notable example of this would be an asteroid collision); but to this, you must also add the threats that emerge from within the biosphere and the impacts caused by humanity's own behavior. Consider the implications of climate change, for example, and the devastating effects that will continue accumulating as we inflict more and more damage on the environment that supports us.

Ultimately, what you should remember with a question such as this one is that our fate and survival as a species is closely tied to the planet on which we live. Ultimately, any solutions involving spaceflight and orbital habitations remain the subject of science-fiction imaginings rather than any kind of practical option. Therefore, it falls on us to be aware of just how fragile the Earth's biosphere can be and the damage that we, as a species, have done to it; because if we don't take up that responsibility, we will be looking at unspeakably high death tolls in the not-so-distant future and perhaps even the possibility of our own extinction.

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