Does density affect the evaporation rate of a liquid?

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Density does affect the rate of evaporation. Liquids with a higher density have a lower rate of evaporation. This means that honey will have a lower rate of evaporation as compared to water, which will have a lower rate of evaporation as compared to alcohol. This is because honey is more dense than water, and water is more dense than alcohol.

One way to think about how density affects the rate of evaporation is to consider the relationship between density and intermolecular forces. Denser substances have higher intermolecular forces, which causes molecules to be closer to each other. This means that more heat needs to be supplied to overcome these strong intermolecular forces. Hence the rate of evaporation is slow for denser materials as compared to less dense materials. 

Apart from density, other features such as the molar mass also impact the rate of evaporation.

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