Can somebody help me come up with science activity for little children like a preschool class that has to do with camouflage.

I have books on camouflage and i was plaining reading the book first but i dont know what kind of science activitie to do with little children. Please help me out or give me some kind of ideas.

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Here are a couple of ideas for a camouflage science activity for young children.  I'm sure you will be talking and reading about this in terms of animals blending in to their natural environments so the activities should be animal oriented as well.  You could get a set of outdoor creature/insect toy figures that have animals such as a grasshopper, butterfly, small snake, tree frog, etc.  You could hide these figures in a small outdoor area utilizing their natural color for camouflage (hiding the grasshopper on a leaf, etc.).  You could also do the same indoors if necessary due to winter weather.  After the children find the animals ask them if they were hard to find and why.  That leads to talking about camouflage.

Another activity would be to use the same animal figures but have the class in a group together and show the figures and three different things they could be sitting on.  One of the items would match the natural color of the animal.  For example, take a green tree frog.  Then have three items like a green leaf, piece of brown tree bark, and a blue block.  Set the frog on each one and ask which one makes the frog difficult to see from a small distance.  This leads to talking about coloration and camouflage.

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