Can bone spurs be removed without surgery?

Natural remedies.

Expert Answers

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Since surgery for plantar fascitis (or bone spurs) can result in nerve damage, most people prefer to try other methods first. Various treatments include

  • rest
  • massage therapy
  • stretching
  • night splints
  • motion control running shoes
  • physical therapy
  • cold therapy
  • orthotics
  • anti-inflammatory drugs or injections

Orthotics (foot supports) are one of the best ways to reduce pain. Patients showed short-term improvements in functionality when used, according to one study. Evidence also shows that stretching the calf, achilles tendon and plantar fascia can benefit the sufferer, as can ultrasound therapy. Pain can be reduced on a short-term basis by using aspirin or ibuprofen, and steroids (such as cortisone) have also been shown to give temporary, and in some cases, permanent relief.

BTW, I had fairly painful bone spurs at one time, and they eventually went away when I stopped playing softball (they especially hurt when I rounded the bases).

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