Can an eggshell(chicken) be made into a toothpaste?

Eggshell contains 95% of calcium carbonate which (if I were right) was used an abrasives in toothpaste.And please if you know a way on how to turn eggshells into a toothpaste please tell me how or if you have any idea on eggshells and toothpaste feel free to comment. :)

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What an interesting question! You are correct, chicken egg shells are mostly calcium carbonate by weight. Once the shells are dried, they should be easy to grind into a fine powder that could be mixed with a small amount of vegetable oil, plus a few drops of a flavoring like mint, to create a natural toothpaste. However you would have to deal with a couple of serious issues first.

Eggshells emerge from the hen covered in a thin layer of protein-rich mucus, which quickly dries into a protective coating. However, this mucus can easily trap bacteria such as salmonella against the eggshell. Since toothpaste goes into people's mouths, this could present a significant risk of infection. I would suggest that the eggshells need to be sterilized before anything else is done. They could be placed in boiling water or steamed; look at the link below for more on techniques.

The second issue is the thin, protein based double membrane that lines the egg shells. The inclusion of this membrane could set off an allergic reaction in a user who is allergic to eggs. I'm not sure how you would get all the membrane out; perhaps you would be better off to leave it in and include a warning label advising users that the product may contain egg proteins.

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