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Incomplete dominance: assume that dragons show incomplete dominance for fire breathing. The F allele provides lots of fire and the F' allele gives no fire. If a dragon that has very strong fire is crossed with a dragon that has moderate fire, what will their offspring be like? Under what conditions can a baby dragon be born that never has fire? Justify your answer with a Punnett Square.

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We can deduce from your question that the dragon with strong fire is FF and the other dragon is FF'. When we make the cross FF x FF', every offspring is guaranteed to have at least one F allele, because the gamete (an egg or sperm cell) contributed by the FF parent will always include an F. Here is the Punnet square:

This square tells us that half of the offspring from the cross will be FF, with the ability to produce strong fire, and half will be FF', producing moderate fire. This particular cross will not produce any offspring who are fireless. The only possible way to get a fireless baby dragon from these parents would be if that baby has a spontaneous mutation of some sort that makes it lack fire.

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