Assess the significance of adopting a strategy of environment-friendly approach for the rapid industrialisation of a country.

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This is a great question. For too long people have seen businesses as opposed to the environment, but there can be a shift of mindset. In fact, this is exactly what we need. We need new businesses to strengthen our economy and green technology to help our environment. It can be a match made in heaven. In a word, we should industrialize our country with technologies that will help the environment. If we lead the way, we can even sell these things to other countries.

Here are some suggestions. First, it would be good to have a great recycling business that takes the waste of products and turns them into something that can be used again. This can be scrap metal, building materials, etc. Second, there can be a huge business in the area of solar panels. If we can manufacture them and install them, it could boast our economy. The production of electric cars can do the same.

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