I am trying to compare cell structures to a school in the form.

I am trying to narrow down these main words: golgi bodies, mitochondria, ribosomes, nuclear envelope, chromatin, endoplasmic reticulum, cytoplasm, lysosome, ribosome and vacuole. I have cell membrane as the outside of the school and the nucleus as the principal. 

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Vacuoles are for storage. The vacuole could be a storage closet in the school building. Ribosomes carry out the instructions that is in the blueprint or DNA to produce a product. Ribosomes could be the students who are following instructions from the teacher in the classroom. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell where respiration occurs and energy is released for the cell's use. Therefore, the cafeteria is where energy in the form of chemical bonds of food is supplied for use by the school population.  The nuclear envelope is the outer office of the principal which surrounds where the principal or nucleus is located. A secretary controls traffic in and out of the office, much like the nuclear membrane. The endoplasmic reticulum is a system of folded tubes that allow for intracellular transport. These can be represented by the staircases which connect floors within the building. Golgi bodies package cell secretions and make them ready for transport inside and outside the cell. This could be the mail room in a school. Cytoplasm is the liquid inside the cell. This could be the the atmosphere inside the school's walls. Lysosomes are organelles with enzymes capable of digesting old cells or food. They are called "suicide sacs'. If the building has a trash compactor or incinerator to dispose of old furniture or materials or trash, that can represent the lysosomes. Chromatin is the material that condenses into chromosomes, which contain the blueprint of the cell. Perhaps the building plans are on file containing the architectural blueprint. Or, perhaps the school has a website with all of the student's records, a mission statement, etc. This can represent chromatin.

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Here are some suggestions:

ribosomes- the teachers (they do the work in making the products/outcomes of a school much like ribosomes make the proteins of a cell)

mitochondria- the boiler, mechanical, or electrical room of the school (where ever the main source of power is located).  Or, you could to the lunch room- the source of energy for students and staff.

nuclear envelope- the main office- you must pass the main office to get to the principal's office (the nucleus).

vacuole- the school pool? A vacuole is made of mostly water.

endoplasmic reticulum- the hallways where people and things are transported throughout the school.

golgi bodies- this could be security or the person that greets and directs students and visitors. A welcome desk, if your school has one.

cytoplasm- everything inside the brick walls of the school- like the classrooms.

lysosomes- the big trash cans that the janitor puts the classroom trash in.

chromatin- something that is kept inside of the office that contains information; I would do either the lessons, worksheets, and other papers that students learn from (like the code to enable learning); or, the file folders/computer database of each of the students in the school.


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