2C2H6+7O2→4CO2+6H2O Identify what main category of reaction this is. If possible, further categorize it into all other relevant types of reaction.

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`2 C2H6 + 7O2 -> 4CO2 + 6H2O `

The given balanced reaction could be categorized as two types of reaction. Let's have a look at those two types of reactions:

1. Combustion Reaction: Combustion, in simple terms, means "burning." It is a type of reaction in which the burning of compounds occurs in the presence of oxygen gas to produce carbon dioxide gas, water in the form of water vapor, and heat energy.

The given reaction has the organic molecules C2H6 (ethane) and O2 (oxygen gas) reacting to produce CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) and H2O (water vapor). Hence, we can say that the reaction involves the burning of C2H6 in the presence of O2, so the reaction is indeed a combustion reaction.

2. Redox reaction: The term "redox" means reduction-oxidation reaction. It is a type of reaction in which oxidation and reduction occur simultaneously. That means that one reactant undergoes oxidation while the other undergoes reduction. Oxidation occurs when an element loses electrons. Reduction is the opposite of oxidation, and occurs when an element gains electrons.

In the given reaction, C2H6 gains O to form CO2, while O2 gas gains H to form H2O. In other words, C2H6 undergoes oxidation and O2 gas undergoes reduction. So, it is a redox reaction as well.

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