At 2 seconds, what is the distance from the reference point?

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Take note that in speed-time graph, the area under the curve represents the distance traveled.

So to determine the distance traveled at t=2, consider the bounded region from t=0 to t=2. (See attached.) 

Notice that the bounded region forms a triangle. So to get the area under the blue line from t=0 to t=2, apply the formula of area of triangle.

`A = 1/2bh`

The base of the triangle is 2 units and its height is 3 units. Plugging in the values yield:



So the area of the triangle is 3 units squared and this is equal to the distance traveled.

`d i s t a n c e = A r e a=3`

Therefore, at t=2seconds, the distance from the reference point is 3 meters.

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