Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature

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What are the elements of science fiction in Avatar and fantasy in The Lord of the Rings?

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I would say that the short answer is “no,” I am not sure anyone can devise a questionnaire for you because the specific elements have not been identified. Any questionnaire must address some fundamental issues such as what is being identified through the questions, or what hopes to be accomplished through it. These are not present in what is featured. In attempting to construct a questionnaire, I would ask you to identify what needs to be answered, or, more importantly, what do you hope to get out of the questionnaire? What do you want to explore in science fiction themes that are present in Cameron’s work and in Tolkien’s creation. I think that being able to critically identify what you wish to get out of the questionnaire and then, in a larger sense, what you want to explore in terms of the science fiction ideas in both works. The identification of these issues will be able to generate a questionnaire or even determine if a questionnaire is a path you want to pursue, as opposed to another format to display information.

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