What is the setting of Schindler's List?

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Schindler's List takes place in and around Krakow, Poland.

There are a few major locations in the film. The most important one is Oscar Schindler's factory. It's in the factory that Schindler comes to care about the Jewish people working for him. They live out parts of their life there, from normal work days to birthday parties.

Another important location is the Paszów Labor Camp. This is where some of the earliest scenes in the movie take place, as Schindler meets with the Nazi commandant of the camp. It's grim and bleak. Thousands of people are murdered there. Many of Schindler's workers come from this labor camp where people are forced to work as slaves. Auschwitz Concentration Camp is also in the film because some of Schindler's workers are sent there by mistake and he has to go get them released.

The Krakow ghetto is another location where important things happen. When Schindler is there and sees the Nazis abusing and killing the Jewish people, he fully understands what their plans are. This is what changes him completely; he works against the Nazis to try to keep as many Jewish people as he can safe by employing them in his factory.

Eventually, Schindler decides to move his business to Brünnlitz, Czechoslovakia. He purchases more than 1000 Jewish people to come along as his labor so that they won't be killed in Paszów.

The end of the film takes place in Jerusalem, where Schindler is laid to rest after his death.

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Schindler's List takes place in the 20th century, in Krakow, Poland. The action takes place during World War II. When the book first starts, it's autumn of 1943, and Oskar Schindler is leaving an apartment building in the ancient center of Krakow to head to the home of SS Commandant Amon Goeth near the Paszów labor camp. Here, 20,000 Jews are held on the site of a former Jewish graveyard. The site of the former mortuary for the cemetery is used by Goeth for his stables. Goeth lives in a villa nearby, guarded by Great Danes, and he enjoys sitting out on his balcony in the nice weather. Inside the villa, the Rosner brothers, who are interned in the camp, play music, careful not to give offense because Goeth often executes people without warning. The setting is macabre to say the least.

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Most of the action of the book takes place in Krakow, Poland during WWII.  This would place it in the 20th Century.  There are various flashbacks in the lives of different characters but the majority of the action takes place in the autumn of 1943.  

At that point in history, the Germans had invaded Krakow and put the Jewish community there into ghettos.  A lot of the action of the novel takes place there as well as in Schindler's enamelware factory also in Krakow.

Later in the novel some of the action takes place in Plaszow a forced labour camp and in the camp which Schindler set up in Brinnlitz, Czechoslovakia.  Additionally there is a scene in the most famous concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.  

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