What does Schindler promise Jewish investors in return for their investments?

Expert Answers

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Schindler needs Jewish investors to help him buy an enamelware factory, but as Jews are legally prohibited from owning businesses, Schindler cannot offer potential investors any financial return. He offers them goods instead—the products that he plans to make in his planned factory.

At this early stage in the story, Schindler's behaving like a ruthless businessman rather than a selfless hero. He knows that by paying Jewish investors in product instead of money, he'll be able to maximize profits. There's no doubt that Schindler is exploiting Jewish investors by offering them such a bad deal. He's taking advantage of the fact that the Jews are in a desperate situation and therefore are ripe for exploitation. For now, Schindler sees Jews as means to an end rather than as ends in themselves, as he will come to regard them in due course.

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