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How is Oskar Schindler a dynamic character in Schindler's List?

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As a person who really lived, Oskar Schindler is portrayed with both static and dynamic aspects. As is true of most people, there are aspects of his personality that do not fundamentally change.

For the most part, Schindler remains interested in having a successful business, and even through the early years of the war, he had few scruples about doing what was necessary to succeed. In part because the war changes the circumstances in which he does business and in part because he is shocked into a different kind of consciousness, Schindler decides to take steps to save some of his workers. When Oskar realizes that Jews are being targeted, rounded up, incarcerated, and killed, he decides that he has a responsibility to intervene.

While he had set aside ethical rule-bending when it came to business practices, Schindler feels no loyalty to the Nazi regime. He develops more of a nationalist way of thinking, as a Pole exploited by the Germans. The greatest development is opening his eyes to the injustices going on all around him. Although Oskar did not delve deep into his own religious or moral infractions, such as not taking marital vows seriously, now he realizes that turning a blind eye to Nazi abuses does not fit with his values that do remain intact: he acts based on his principles.

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Schindler is a dynamic character because he is not the same he is at the start of the narrative.  He has changed over the course of the work. The values he emphasized at the start of it are not the same he embraces at the end of it.  The ideas of making money at all costs, generating profit in business, and not taking a political stand are all repudiated by the end of our association with him.  It is within this light that Schindler is dynamic, as he changes and demonstrates moments that serve as epiphanies of self awareness and understanding of one's own identity and place within the world.  It is this configuration that makes him dynamic.  When we consider that dynamic characters are one that stretch throughout the course of a work, Schindler certainly becomes that as he ends up becoming bankrupt after amassing great wealth.  Yet, his spiritual profit ends up transcending all else, making him a both a dynamic character and one worthy of our admiration.

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