The Scarlet Letter Overview Quiz

In eNotes' The Scarlet Letter Overview Quiz find ten essential questions on Hawthorne's classic novel, covering characters, plot details, setting and more to help you in your review.

  1. Why has Hester's husband been away?

  2. What startling claim does Pearl make?

  3. What power does Hester imagine the letter has given her?

  4. What vow does Dr. Prynne (now known as Roger Chillingworth) make?

  5. What does Chillingworth say would be the best vengeance?

  6. What skill brings Hester fame?

  7. What additional punishment must Hester endure following her imprisonment?

  8. Why does Hester name her daughter "Pearl"?

  9. Who does Hester say fathered her daughter?

  10. What is the only thing of beauty at the prison?

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