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Chapters 22-24 Questions and Answers

1. What is the topic and mood of Dimmesdale’s sermon?

2. Describe the minister’s condition after the speech, and tell which people offer him assistance.

3. Where are the four major characters during the final scaffold scene?

4. What changes occur in Pearl? What does she accept from Dimmesdale?

5. What moral does the narrator say is central to the story?

6. What are the various versions of what was seen on Dimmesdale’s chest?

7. What is the effect of Dimmesdale’s confession on Chillingworth?

8. What is the effect of Chillingworth’s legacy to Pearl?

9. Describe the circumstances of Hester’s return to Salem.

10. Are the two lovers ever united?

1. Dimmesdale’s sermon is a passionate and surprisingly positive one about the relationship of God to the Puritan community and about the “high and glorious destiny for the newly gathered people of the Lord.”

2. Dimmesdale seems near death. He rejects the assistance of Reverend Wilson and of Governor Bellingham, but accepts the help of Hester as he mounts the scaffold.

3. All four, Hester, Pearl, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth, are now on the scaffold.


(The entire section is 379 words.)