The Scarlet Ibis Themes

“The Scarlet Ibis” key themes:

  • In “The Scarlet Ibis,” love and pride war in Brother’s motivations to help Doodle; his love encourages kindness, but his shame at Doodle’s failings results in the cruelty that kills the younger boy.

  • Acceptance of others contrasts with the desire to remake them in one’s own image; Doodle’s parents accept him and despair, but Brother tries to force Doodle into a shape he can appreciate at the cost of Doodle’s life.

  • Doodle and the scarlet ibis highlight the theme of difference; both are unique in their settings and beautiful because of it, yet both pay a heavy price.

  • The theme of brotherhood appears not only in the relationship between the two boys, but also in the larger context of WWI, which takes place in the backdrop and emphasizes the necessity of brotherhood.


Conflict between Love and Pride

"The Scarlet Ibis" explores the conflict between love and pride in Brother's relationship...

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