Mississippi “Mibs” Beaumont
Mibs Beaumont, the novel’s protagonist, is a girl just entering her teenage years and dealing with first love and a parent’s vulnerability—as well as her newly developed ability to read thoughts.Mibs savvy is in fact a perfect illustration of her character, as she is an extremely perceptive young woman who takes in and analyzes the world around her.Even without her supernatural savvy, Mibs has a kind of mind-reading ability: she pays attention to small details that tell her Will’s “brother” is actually his father, and that Bobbi, despite her tough exterior, is really scared, lonely, and having a hard time dealing with the pressures of being a preacher’s daughter.In addition to her keen perception, Mibs feels an acute sense of responsibility toward the people around her.She feels it is her job to bring her father out of his coma, and when she involves Lester and Lill in her scheme, she feels incredibly guilty for lying to them and risking getting them in trouble.Above all, however, what stands out about Mibs is her deep love for the family and friends around her.It is this love that ultimately allows her to awaken her father, and this love that inspires her deep happiness on her fourteenth birthday, when she is surrounded by her family and friends, as the novel ends.

Fish Beaumont
Mibs’s older brother, Fish, has the ability to raise storms.Because Fish has trouble controlling his ability, his family has to move inland, away from any large bodies of water that might trigger him.In a sense, Fish’s storm-raising power is simply a metaphor for the tumultuous emotions every teenager must struggle to control.Throughout the novel, Fish gradually gains more and more self-control, until he is able to engage in a friendly water fight in a swimming pool without causing a disaster.By the end of the novel, Fish is sufficiently in command of his abilities to return to school.

Samson Beaumont
Mibs’ seven-year-old brother Samson is “broody, moody and always quiet.”He has a penchant for snooping around and hiding in unusual places, which sometimes gets him and others into trouble, as when he ends up trapped behind the wall in Carlene’s trailer.Despite his reticence and moodiness, however, Samson cares deeply for those around him.As Mibs says, Samson’s touch makes a person feel “braced up inside,” as he has the ability to empathize with and comfort others, even without using words.

Will Junior Meeks
Will Junior is a kind, sensitive, caring fourteen-year-old boy who lives with Pastor Meeks and the pastor’s wife, Rosemary.For much of the novel, we believe the Meeks are Will’s parents, but we eventually discover they are his grandparents—Will’s “brother” Bill, a...

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