Saul Friedländer

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Principal Works

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Pie XII et le IIIe Reich; documents [Pius XII and the Third Reich: A Documentation] (history) 1964
Hitler et les États-Unis (1939–1941) [Prelude to Downfall: Hitler and the United States. 1939–1941] (history) 1967
Kurt Gerstein ou l'ambiguité du bien [Kurt Gerstein: The Ambiguity of Good] (history) 1967; published in England as Counterfeit Nazi: The Ambiguity of Good
Réflexions sur l'avenir d'Israël (nonfiction) 1969
L'antisémitisme nazi: Histoire d'une psychose collective (nonfiction) 1971
Arabes et israéliens: Un premier dialogue [with Mahmoud Hussein and Jean Lacouture] [Arabs and Israelis: A Dialogue] (nonfiction) 1974
Histoire et psychanalyse: Essai sur les possibilités et les limites de la psychohistoire [History and Psychoanalysis: An Inquiry into the Possibilities and Limits of Psychohistory] (nonfiction) 1975
Some Aspects of the Historical Significance of the Holocaust (nonfiction) 1977
Quand vient le souvenir [When Memory Comes] (autobiography) 1978
Reflets du nazisme [Reflections of Nazism: An Essay on Kitsch and Death; translated and revised edition, 1984] (nonfiction) 1982
Visions of Apocalypse: End or Rebirth? [editor, with Gerald Holton, Leo Marx, Eugene Skolnikoff] (essays) 1985
A Conflict of Memories?: The New German Debates about the "Final Solution" (nonfiction) 1987
Die Juden in der europaischen Geschichte [The Jews in European History: Seven Lectures] (lectures) 1992
Probing the Limits of Representation: Nazism and the Final Solution [editor and contributor] (nonfiction) 1992
Memory, History, and the Extermination of the Jews of Europe (history) 1993

∗This work is a revised and updated version of Friedländer's thesis, Le rôle du facteur américain dans la politique étrangère et militaire de l'Allemagne, septembre 1939–décembre 1941, originally published in Geneva in 1963.

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