Satyricon USA

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

From a military base to strip clubs and finally private homes where people drink each other’s blood for sexual gratification, Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier meanders to places where people engage in often highly idiosyncratic sexual behavior. What connects these episodes is the apparent willingness of the subjects to talk to the author, and to let her observe their activities.

As she relates her encounters with cross-dressers, sadists, or Roman Catholic priests struggling with celibacy, Eurydice tries hard to suppress all initial moral judgement. Yet Satyricon USA cannot hide its author’s greater discomfort among female rather than male masochists, who say they enjoy physical and mental humiliation for sexual purpose. Ultimately, there is nothing but positive revulsion when Eurydice declines the invitation to watch the non- consensual activities a necrophiliac is about to engage in.

For the author, the greatest revelations of her travels were the sheer numbers of non-mainstream sexual activities which she witnessed. The fact that so many of the participating Americans were able to hold regular jobs astonished Eurydice. This led the author to conclude that in spite of their apparent outlandishness, most of the observed and described practices are not a genuine revolutionary threat to American society.

Eurydice, who only identifies herself by this pen name, immediately advises the reader that Satyricon USA is not a scholarly book. Its transvestites and self-styled vampires are often composite characters, and single events have been created out of many similar encounters. For a reader interested in a relatively analytical and unprejudiced trip to a selection of various netherworlds of sexual activities in America, Satyricon USA will not disappoint.