Chapters 69-70 Summary

Mamé does not look like she is aware of anything around her, but when Julia speaks to her, the old woman grabs onto her wrist. She knows Julia is there. The Tézac family is all gathered around Mamé’s bed, all of them plus William Rainsferd. Bertrand is looking at him with curiosity, and Edouard has been studying him and clearly wants Julia to make eye contact to confirm his suspicion. Later, as they leave the nursing home, Julia takes Edouard’s arm and tells him how sorry she is. Her father-in-law tells her Mamé loves her dearly. Bertrand appears, looking glum, but this is not the time to discuss any of the issues between them. Only Mamé and William Rainsferd matter right now.

Edouard finally asks who the man...

(The entire section is 759 words.)