Chapters 65-66 Summary

Julia wakes up in a small, green hospital room with an IV in her forearm. Zoë squeezes her hand and assures her everything is going to be fine. A young woman comes to her side and tells her she lost a lot of blood but the baby is fine. There was a problem with the placenta, and she needs to rest. When they are alone, Zoë tells Julia how frightened she had been and asks why she did not tell her about the baby. She also wonders if this is why her parents are having problems, and Julia says it is. Zoë knows which of her parents wants the baby and which of them does not.

Bertrand is on his way to Lucca. Zoë called him and he will arrive in a few hours. The news makes Julia cry. Zoë tries to comfort her, but all Julia...

(The entire section is 638 words.)