Chapters 37-38 Summary

Paris, 1942

The train station at Orléans is a busy place swarming with men in uniforms. Sarah stays close between Jules and Geneviève and tries to hide her fear. She is hopeful, having made it this far, that she will actually make it back to Paris. She is determined to be brave and strong. Jules leans down and reminds her that she is their granddaughter, Stéphanie Dufaure, and she had to cut her hair short because she caught lice at school. When Sarah asks if they really have a granddaughter, Geneviève laughs and says she has only several rambunctious grandsons, Gaspard and Nicolas. Their only son is Alain, a man in his forties who lives in Orléans with his wife and sons. Sarah is wearing...

(The entire section is 1152 words.)