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(Great Characters in Literature)


Popeye, a cruel, passionless killer who is symbolic of the ruthless, sterile, and materialistic exploitation that destroyed the antebellum social order of the South. Ironically, he is executed for a murder he did not commit.

Temple Drake

Temple Drake, a college girl of good family who is attacked by Popeye and then sent to live the life of a prostitute in a bawdy house in Memphis. Her family removes her from the house of ill repute, but her life has been ruined.

Lee Goodwin

Lee Goodwin, a moonshiner who tries to protect Temple from a group of bootleggers and who is accused of murdering Tommy, a gang member actually shot by Popeye. He is convicted, but before he can be sentenced, he is burned to death by a mob that storms the jail to take him.

Gowan Stevens

Gowan Stevens, a college student whose irresponsible conduct causes Temple to become Popeye’s victim.

Ruby Lamar

Ruby Lamar, Goodwin’s common-law wife, who helps the officers locate Temple in Memphis.

Horace Benbow

Horace Benbow, a lawyer who defends Goodwin and who is symbolic of the early Southern historical tradition.


Tommy, a bootlegger whom Popeye kills, and of whose death Goodwin is accused.

Miss Reba Rivers

Miss Reba Rivers, the madam of the Memphis bawdy house.


Red, a young customer of Temple who is killed by Popeye’s gang because Temple hopes to escape from Popeye and run away with Red.

Judge Drake

Judge Drake, Temple’s father, a wealthy, old-fashioned Southerner.

Senator Clarence Snopes

Senator Clarence Snopes, a corrupt Southern politician.


Van, a moonshiner who fights with Goodwin over Temple.


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The characters of Sanctuary are almost all disturbing. Temple Drake seems to swing wildly from, one personality to another, from a...

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