Samuel Taylor Coleridge Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)
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The original verse dramas of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (KOHL-rihj, also KOH-luh-rihj)—The Fall of Robespierre (pb. 1794, with Robert Southey), Remorse (pr., pb. 1813, originally Osorio), and Zapolya (pb. 1817)—are of particular interest to readers of his poetry, as is Wallenstein (1800), his translation of two dramas by Friedrich Schiller. His major prose includes the contents of two periodicals, The Watchman (1796) and The Friend (1809-1810, 1818), two lay Sermons, “The Statesman’s Manual” (1816) and “A Lay Sermon” (1817), the Biographia Literaria (1817), “Treatise on Method,” originally published in The Encyclopaedia Metropolitana (1818), and a series of metaphysical aphorisms, Aids to Reflection (1825). His lectures on politics, religion, literature, and philosophy have been collected in various editions, as have other short essays, unpublished manuscripts, letters, records of conversations, notebooks, and marginalia. These prose works share common interests with his poetry and suggest the philosophical context in which it should be read. Coleridge’s literary criticism is particularly relevant to his poetry.